Why I Use Chopsticks

It's not every day that I use chopsticks but when I do it certainly is an uncomfortable experience. And why do I do it? Is it because I am really, really good at it and all the food goes directly in my mouth? Nope. Is it because I am just trying to act cool around my fellow customers? Check out the chart to find out. 

why i use chopsticks


The "Better Now" singer will release the first products from his new cannabis brand in the coming weeks. Post Malone first teased the arrival of his new Shaboink line of cannabis products back in May, and now it looks like Post is finally ready to bring launch the new brand with the help of premium cannabis brand Sherbinskis. For the launch Post Malone worked with Sherbinskis' founder Mario Guzman to develop the 'Posty OG' terpene profile that will be featured in Shaboink's non-intoxicating hemp pre-rolls.

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