Why 'High Maintenance' Star Ben Sinclair Wants To Smoke Up With Trump

On HBO's 'High Maintenance,' Ben Sinclair plays a weed dealer who gets embroiled in the messy lives of his customers. But in real life, there's only one troubled celeb that Sinclair would love to run into for a random smoke sesh.

"Donald J. Trump," Sinclair told Stephen Colbert last night on 'The Late Show.' "I would love to sit down with him and say, 'Have some of this. And, like, what's the matter? Why are you acting like this? You don't need to be doing this, man.'"

But he thinks smoking up with Trump could actually backfire.

"I think he would regress to even more of a baby," he said, adding that Trump would be truly terrifying if he got hit with a case of the munchies. "He would be non-stop eating. Maybe 18 or 19 Diet Cokes instead of 14."

And that's not much of an exaggeration. Trump reported downs at least a dozen Diet Cokes every day according to a report released last month.

Check out the full interview above, where Sinclair also recalls the time he tried to pass off a bag of orange leaves as weed to an unhappy customer back in the seventh grade.

And if you haven't seen 'High Maintenance,' watch this trailer for season two, which kicks off on January 19.



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