When it comes to debate over cannabis prohibition, many anti-legalization types revert to saying, "won't somebody please think of the children?!" But we've never heard the argument phrased quite like it was in Canada's House of Commons this week.

During a reading of Bill C-45 - better known as the Cannabis Act - Conservative MP Marilyn Gladu made an... unusual statement:

Yes, you heard that correctly. Here's the official transcript from OpenParliament.ca:

Mr. Speaker, it is positively negligent that the government is shutting down debate on this topic. We have already established that this legislation would put marijuana in the hands of children, not just with the 15 joints that 12-year-olds can have but with the four plants per household, so little Johnny can put some in the toaster oven and smoke it up.

That's right, folks. If Canada legalizes marijuana, little Johnny - poor, sweet little Johnny - is going to spend his days getting high out of a toaster oven.

Within hours, Canadians were on Twitter, having a spot of fun with the ludicrous notion of #toasterbud:


Mmmm... toasty. We couldn't resist getting in on the shenanigans, either.

Anyway, we could keep going - but our toaster oven just dinged. If you have any more #toasterbud tweets - or anecdotes about the illicit use of toaster ovens - let us know in the comments.