Why Aren’t There Any Marijuana-Related Emojis?

Emojis are small digital images and icons consisting mostly of smiley faces that are frequently used in electronic and text messaging. These graphics are used like emoticons to express different expressions, behaviors, objects, and actions. Emojis first appeared on Japanese phones in the 1990s, and have increasingly become more popular since their inclusion in Apple’s iPhone. Now, there seems to be an emoji for every common object and emotion with every new iOS update. Many of these emojis have become so popular that they are now worn and plastered on shirts, though there is always space on the keyboard for more emojis, specifically marijuana-related emojis.

Marijuana-related emojis have yet to be added to the emoji keyboard though there seems to be plenty of harmful substance emojis to choose from. Emoji users can find cigarettes, pills, and many different versions of alcohol on their keyboards because they are “legal”. Marijuana is only legal in some states, and Apple has a history of being extremely safe, so it is very unlikely they’ll add cannabis emojis to the new update. Many teens don’t need marijuana emojis though, because some are already discreetly talking about the plant by using a combination of the fire, smoke, and leaf emojis.


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