The Reason American Health Care is So Expensive (and Why Single Payer Won't Fix It)

We all know that healthcare in America is much more expensive than in other countries around the world. But why exactly is that? Well the folks over at Vox decided to put out a handy video to explain exactly why that is.

It's mostly about how private health insurance companies spend a lot more money than they do in other countries. But there are many reasons as well. And that's part of the reason why switching to a single-payer system would help the problem, but it would not entirely fix it. 

It's definitely an interesting video to help explain why our healthcare costs are so ridiculous compared to other countries around the world.


While most trends seem to move towards safer and more well-protected activities for children, this might be the wrong approach when it comes to playgrounds. At least, that’s what a recent video from Vox’s By Design series, which explores the concept of “adventure parks,” argues. "They can play with any dangerous tool, they can take really dangerous risks and overcome them, and this builds up a tremendous sense of self-confidence in themselves," Marjory Allen, landscape architect and the person most responsible for popularizing the adventure park concept, said in an archival interview.

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