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Here's Who Is Hiding Their Cannabis Use From You

Around 22 percent of American adults use marijuana, which means about one out of every four people you know enjoys consuming cannabis now and then. You may be thinking, "Wait, I don't know anyone who uses marijuana! How can that be?" And the answer is, they're hiding it from you.

Civilized teamed up PSB Research to survey 1,000 Americans and 600 Canadians about issues related to marijuana. One of the topics we looked at was cannabis users who hide their consumption from people in their lives. So if you're wondering who's hiding their cannabis use for you, we can now tell you.

The most obvious people hiding their cannabis use from you is your family. About 33 percent of American and Canadian marijuana users say they hide their consumption from their children. 25 percent of Canadians and 20 percent of Americans say they hide it from their parents. And 19 percent of users from both countries say they hide their use from other relatives as well. All together, that's about 70 percent of users who hide their use from some members of their family.

But it's not just your blood relatives who are hiding it from you. If you have neighbors or are the landlord of a building, you probably know someone hiding their cannabis user from you. 30 percent of Americans and 27 percent of Canadian marijuana users say they hide their consumption from neighbors or landlords.

On the bright side, the people you're probably closest to are not likely to be hiding their cannabis consumption. Around 13 or 14 percent of Canadian and American marijuana users say they hide their cannabis use from their friends. And only nine percent of Americans and seven percent of Canadian users said they hide it from their spouse or significant other. Although that may just because they've already gotten caught!

Of course, not everybody is toking up in the shadows. 36 percent of Canadians and 32 percent of American marijuana users say they do not hide their consumption from everyone. Perhaps as marijuana becomes legal in more parts of the United States and the entirety of Canada, the stigma associated with cannabis use will decline and people will be less afraid of what people in their lives think about it.

Also, we didn't ask how many people conceal their marijuana use from law enforcement, but we're going to go ahead and guess that number's pretty close to 100 percent.


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