The Life-Changing Magic That Makes White Shoes Look Like New

Crisp whites are a staple of summer style - "crisp" and "white" being the key concepts here. Grime-y greys and faintly detectable splotches are never in style, and after hitting the streets for even a short time, your shoes can pick up a fairly gross level of scuffs and dirt. Since most of us are too cheap to shell out for a new pair of kicks every single season, a few easy cleaning tricks can go a long way toward making sure you look your best.

According to the Male Fashion Advice subreddit, there's a foolproof way to get your white sneakers looking like new again: Mr Clean Magic Erasers. Designed for scrubbing dirt and stains off walls and blinds, the water-activated melamine scrubbers are also, apparently, great for lifting grease and build-up off your sneaks.

For detail work, cut off a chunk of the eraser to work with - it'll make it easier to handle. Simply moisten the eraser and use a light touch to get started. Important note: as one Redditor points out, these only work "on the rubber midsole. Don't use them on canvas, suede or leather. Magic erasers are very fine and abrasive. They work by physically scratching things off." For the non-rubber parts of the shoe, you can use a suede cleaner or similar product.

Dig the difference they can make on a pair of deck shoes: weirdly satisfying, no?

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