White House Admits It Has a Secret Anti-Marijuana Committee

In August, Buzzfeed release an explosive report claiming the Trump administration was running a secret committee to sabotage marijuana legalization efforts in the United States. And now the White House has admitted that was 100 percent true.

The White House’s Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) admitted in a letter to Democratic Senator Michael Bennet that the secret marijuana committee does exist, although they claim that it's not working against marijuana legalization efforts. ONDCP Acting Director James Carroll says the committee is meant to work with federal and state partners to examine the changing drug market. Carroll said the committee acts completely objectively with no bias.

Of course, this is quite different from what Buzzfeed reported in August. They published memos and emails showing that the committee believed that there was too much pro-marijuana sentiment and information out there, and they wanted to begin disseminating information to counter that narrative.

The White House still wasn't very forthcoming about the actual actions of the committee. Carroll did not reveal who created the committee, and he also said he was not in attendance at the July 27th meeting, the one that led to many of the revelations from the original Buzzfeed exposé. 

So there is a secret committee White House examining marijuana laws in America, but don't worry, they're going to be totally objective. Just like how Jeff Sessions is totally objective when it comes to marijuana as well. Nothing to worry about!

(h/t Buzzfeed)


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