'Which Dinosaur Do I Buy The Cocaine From?' Asks Bill Hader As Al Pacino In Jurassic Park Parody

'Jurassic Park' turns 25 this year, and to honor the milestone, 'Saturday Night Live' put together mock auditions featuring  Alex Moffat as Hugh Grant, Kate McKinnon as Ellen DeGeneres and former cast member Bill Hader reprising his impersonation of Al Pacino to play entrepreneur John Hammond.   

"Welcome to Jurassic Park, you dumb f****s," Hader says during the sketch. "Alright, which dinosaur do I buy the cocaine from?"

But Keenan Thompson stole the show as O.J. Simpson. "Okay, so, if I did let the dinosaurs out, let me tell you how I would have done it - hypothetically."

Check it out in the clip below. (Canadian viewers can watch it here.)


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