Which Actor Has Smoked the Most Marijuana On Screen?

Pop culture is filled with marijuana influencers that are musicians, actors, comedians, artists, and personalities. Now that marijuana legalization is spreading across the United States, the plant is featured in more TV shows and movies. Some TV shows and movies even focus on marijuana completely, so there are a number of characters who have smoked on screen multiple times. This now means that there has to be one actor who has smoked the most marijuana on screen.

Most people would assume Cheech and Chong are the actors who have smoked the most on screen because they’ve become an invaluable part of the marijuana counterculture. They incorporate their love of smoking marijuana into their comedy, like their movie “Up in Smoke” where they drive a van made of completely marijuana. Nowadays, more actors and characters are smoking weed in normal situations though, so some might think Abbi and Ilana from “Broad City” smoke the most on screen, because they host a weed bar house party and even smoke to be more productive. Seth Rogen wins over all these marijuana smoking influencers though, because he’s been smoking on screen since his first TV gig.


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