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Where To Find Marijuana Vending Machines

In recent years a few forward-thinking companies have developed vending machines that dispense cannabis flowers. Some even offer accessories like rolling papers and mall pipes as well as allow customers to play video games or read up on their favorite strains on big, interactive touchscreens. These machines efficiently serve customers who visit regularly and can store more products in less space needed in a normal retail setting.

Some marijuana vending machines models are sophisticated, secure devices that can regulate how much a customer purchases and help states track “seed-to-sale” commerce. Most vending machines that sell cannabis require customers to swipe their driver's license or medical marijuana card to verify their legal ability to buy products, and the newest models have biometric confirmations like a fingerprint or retinal scan and facial recognition software to make sure no impersonations can occur.

However, due to federal restrictions on the sale and transport of cannabis, there are some challenges to navigate stocking of marijuana vending machines. Also, vending machines that dispense cannabis products only accept cash, or sometimes Bitcoin, as payment.

Locations of Marijuana Vending Machines

With this knowledge, you're probably wondering where to find marijuana vending machines near you. Unfortunately, we only a marijuana vending machines in a few medical cannabis dispensaries in weed-friendly areas across North America:


The home state of several marijuana vending machine businesses.


Since 2014 marijuana vending machines have been slowly appearing in dispensaries throughout the Golden State.


In 2014 the Herbal Elements dispensary in Eagle-Vail, Colorado, was the first medical marijuana shop in the United States to install a marijuana vending machine, but at that time it only sold cannabis-infused edibles.


The first ZaZZZ marijuana vending machine to dispense cannabis flowers in the United States debuted in the Delightful Caregivers medical dispensary of Seattle, Washington, in February of 2015.


In 2014 the first marijuana vending machine was put in the Vancouver, Canada, dispensary BC Pain Society.

As cannabis laws relax and the herb's presence normalizes, we're bound to start seeing marijuana vending machines in more herb-friendly locations throughout North America and around the world.


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