Where Does Chocolate Milk Come From? Millions Of Americans Have A Troubling Answer

Seven percent of Americans actually believe chocolate milk comes from brown cows, according to a survey we wish was part of some elaborate and long-winded April Fools joke.

The survey was commissioned by the Innovation Center for US Dairy, whose most frequently asked question online is, in fact: “Does chocolate milk come from brown cows?”

With remarkable politeness, the website informs visitors: "Actually, chocolate milk – or any flavored milk for that matter – is white cow’s milk with added flavoring and sweeteners.”

One might think this is a no-brainer, but apparently that’s not the case for roughly 16.4 million people across the country.

The study also found that 48 percent of respondents said they weren’t sure where chocolate milk comes from, that 37 percent of people secretly drank milk straight out of the container and that 29 percent use their kids as an excuse to buy chocolate milk so that they can drink it themselves.

In other dairy-related findings, the survey of over 1,000 adults reported that 95 percent of American have some kind of cheese in their fridge – so at least that’s promising.

h/t IFLScience 


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