Hilarious Sketch Shows What Happens When Your Weed Paranoia Meets Up with Someone Else’s Weed Paranoia

UPP Studios is a Los Angeles based production company created by Adam C. Lively and David M. Goldman, who both write, direct, and act in a number of their videos. The duo founded UPP Studios in 2015, which now publishes an original new media comedy sketch every Monday.

Most recently, UPP Studios created a video portraying the paranoia associated with cannabis, one of the worst parts of smoking the drug. In the sketch, two cannabis consumers hide in their car smoking cannabis, but they see a man on the sidewalk who they assume is a cop. The man actually isn’t a cop, but rather another cannabis consumer trying to smoke when he experiences paranoia after he sees the two guys in their car. Their fear of each other continues to build as they question whether they should smoke, so all three men ultimately choose to run and drive away in the other direction. Paranoia can ruin your marijuana experience, so be sure you know all the laws before trying to smoke in your car or on a public sidewalk, because otherwise you paranoia will meet up with someone else’s marijuana paranoia.


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