When the Matilda Cast Reunites

Matilda” is a 1996 children’s fantasy comedy film based on Roald Dahl’s book of the same name, which Danny DeVito adapted into a movie. DeVito also stars in the film as Mr. Wormwood, who constantly makes Matilda’s life more difficult by ignoring and mistreating her. This kind of ridicule continues at Matilda’s school where the title character endures worse treatment from her cruel principal Trunchbull, who traumatizes the children by throwing them out a window or forcing them to eat chocolate cake. Matilda is too smart to be knocked down by her bullies, which only leads her to discover telekinetic powers that ultimately saves her and the other students.

Twenty years after the film released, the original cast of “Matilda” reunited for tea with Mr. Wormwood, Mrs.Wormwood, Matilda, Miss Honey, Trunchbull, Lavender, and everyone in the “Matilda” universe. During the reunion, DeVito recalls the making of the film all the way back to the casting and early development stages when they first met Mara Wilson, who became the face of “Matilda”. Also during the reunion, the entire cast reenacted some of the most famous scenes from the movie like when Trunchbull threw a student by her pigtails or when Miss Honey discovered Matilda is a genius. Fortunately, the reunion ended differently than the movie, with Trunchbull hugging and laughing with all of the students.


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