Cape Cod Oceans Are Frozen Over

During the summer months, the Cape Cod beaches are a popular vacation spot for many families and travelers who want to enjoy the open ocean and warm weather. Now, after the “bomb cyclone” just hit the northeastern coast of the United States, some sections of these beaches are frozen solid. The normally rolling waves of the Atlantic Ocean are now thick crusts of ice in the below zero weather.

The temperatures at Old Silver Beach in North Falmouth, Massachusetts are especially cold, dropping below -20 degrees Fahrenheit. A video of the beach shows the ocean completely covered in ice and snow, making it possible for local beachgoers to walk on the open water hundreds of yards from shore. Similar weather conditions have been observed as far south as New Jersey, particularly the beaches in Cape May where the water is also frozen solid. This weather is consistent with climate trends that demonstrate the side effects of a warming world, so the sight of people walking on frozen ocean water may be only the beginning.  


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