When Is the Best Time to Smoke Weed?

Whether you’re new to smoking pot, or you’re experienced and merely looking to adjust your routine, you might be wondering about timing. When is the best time to smoke weed?

The truth is that there is no definite answer. But there are certainly a few considerations.

When Is the Best Time to Smoke Weed?

It’s hard to say that there is a “best” time to smoke weed. It’s very personal preference that changes from person to person. So let’s take a look at some different times when you can smoke weed.

In the morning
Known as the “wake and bake”, sometimes smoking first thing in the morning is great. It can help with managing a medical issue, diminish a pesky hangover, or simply put a special shine on the day. But smoking in the morning isn’t for everyone as – for many people – it tends to make the rest of the day somewhat unproductive.

After work
Many people find that the best time of day to smoke is right after finishing work. It’s a great, healthy alternative to unwinding with a drink, and can really put you in the mood for an evening of recreation.

Before/during a movie
Perhaps one of the best times to smoke weed is while watching a movie. There’s nothing like kicking back with your favorite snacks, putting on something great, and roasting a bowl.

Before bed
Need some help getting to sleep? Or maybe you just like feeling nice and dreamy in bed? Puff your favorite indica strain before hitting the sack.

When going outside
Heading outdoors to enjoy the scenery? Nothing bolsters the beauty of the natural world like one of its most uplifting plants.

We could go on and on with great times to smoke weed, but you’re probably getting the picture – anytime might be a great time for it.

It might be easier to consider when you shouldn’t smoke weed. If you have something coming up that requires a lot of focus, or you have noticed that your morning tokes are affecting your ability to attend to your responsibilities, maybe you should be a little more selective about when you choose to partake.

But if you’re on top of things, the right strain of cannabis can be enjoyed practically any time of day.


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