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Wheaties Once Advertised Itself as Fuel for Frank Sinatra's Sex Drive

Before there was Viagra, men boosted their sex drive by pouring a heaping bowl of Wheaties. Or that's what an old ad featuring Frank Sinatra once suggested. Back in 1956, Ol' Blue Eyes plugged Wheaties as an fuel for his libido.

"Where other Casanovas wilt under the pressure of a torrid romance, Frankie boy just pours himself a big bowl of crispy, crackly Wheaties and comes back rarin' to go,” the ad in 'Confidential' magazine read. And Sinatra's endorsement worked so well that "teenage boys were stampeding the cereal aisles," according to Mental Floss.

Too bad 'Mythbusters' isn't around to test whether or not Wheaties can boost your sex drive as much as it can propel athletes to Olympic glory. 

But the Wheaties ad definitely wasn't the strangest endorsement in the legendary crooner's career. In 1957, Chesterfield cigarettes sponsored 'The Frank Sinatra Show,' which meant the host took a moment each night to sing the brand's name and promote its "clean, smooth and fresh flavor."

"So smoke 'em and get satisfied, friend," he said in the live commercial.

But the worst plug of all has to be the blooper reel for a promotion of 'The Dean Martin Show.' While messing around between takes, Sinatra put a bowl on his head and shouted "You are losing in Vietnam" in a stereotypical accent.


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