What's The Most Annoying Thing About Politics In 2017?

Before he got involved in politics, Donald Trump was a billionaire businessman, and still is. Trump began his career working for his father’s real estate development company and eventually took a leadership position in the 1970s. Then in June 2015, Trump announced his presidential candidacy despite never having held any elected or appointed government office prior, but to much surprise he was elected the 45th president of the United States. By coming to power, Trump has taken down many politicians, forever changing politics and the election cycle, which has created a divided country.

While at Politicon, Civilized had the opportunity to discuss this state of politics with a number of different people, who each expressed what they believe to be the most annoying thing about politics in 2017 thus far. Many argue that politics today are more about entertainment because everyone is so focused on expressing and shouting their opinions that nothing is actually getting done. Instead of working to serve the country, politics are working for the next big headline, which isn’t helpful. A number of interesting people took the time to discuss this topic with Civilized including singer Clay Aiken, Kat Thomas and Julia Reed Nichols from The Green Light District, Sasha Kapustina of I Clown You, and MSNBC political analyst and former RNC chairperson Michael Steele.


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