The world’s rainforests are home to 50% of all living species because rainforests make up about 6% of the planet. Many of these species are known and recognized across the world, but there are also many weird creatures hiding in rainforests that are  unknown to most because the animals spend most of their time hiding deep in the forests.

Patoo birds are among one of these weird creatures hiding deep in the rainforest because they have huge mouths and bright yellow eyes that make them easily detectable. The birds also have an adaptation that allows them to transform themselves so they can blend into trees, making them less detectable. There are also some hidden creatures in the rainforests that live in the water, like the haunting candiru fish. These parasitic fish are only just a few centimeters long, but they prey on larger fish by feeding on their blood. The rainforests are clearly home to the world’s amazing hidden creatures, but experts say we’re losing 137 species everyday. Now, the rainforests need our help just as much as we need theirs.