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What Types of Jobs Do Dispensaries Offer?

As laws surrounding marijuana relax across North America, the emerging cannabis industry is creating thousands of new jobs, and lots of people are wondering what types of careers are available in newly opened dispensaries. Some of these jobs being created are specific to the successful operation of a retail or medical cannabis dispensary, while others are out on marijuana farms or on the road as marijuana product sales reps. As in any industry, the education and experience requirements as well as the salaries of jobs offered by cannabis dispensaries vary. To give you an idea of what kind of career you can have in a licensed shop that sells cannabis flowers and products, here we talk about what types of jobs dispensaries offer.


The number of administrative roles will largely depend on the size of the dispensary. Accounting, marketing, reception, order processing/shipping, and office management positions are some of the types of jobs dispensaries offer for people with administrative experience.

Budtender/Retail Clerk

Budtenders and retail clerks are similar jobs in dispensaries, as they both sell the wares particular to the shop, but budtending is a bit more specialized. Budtenders are highly knowledgeable about the effects and attributes of the different strains customers find in the dispensary, while retail clerks can handle the sales of other items in the shop, like smoking accessories or clothes.


Many recreational and medical marijuana dispensaries hire security officers to be on-site during business hours as an extra safety measure. Security guard positions check customer identification cards, protect the privacy of customers, and help to create a relaxed, fear-free atmosphere.


As cannabis becomes more accepted by the public in areas where the herb is legal, more marijuana dispensaries are offering jobs to couriers to handle delivery orders. 

Specialty Positions

Cannabis dispensaries come in all sizes, and larger shops may offer employment to marijuana specialists to work on-site. Some of the specialty positions that dispensaries offer include extraction technician (who creates cannabis concentrates), clone producers (who cut clones from adult cannabis plants), and edibles chef (who creates cannabis-infused edible products sold in the shop). 


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