Watch: What Life Will Be Like In 3015

Ever wonder what the future holds? How about 1,000 years from now?

Microscopic nanobots will patrol our bodies to eradicate diseases, white skin will become rare, and we'll achieve immortality by uploading atom-by-atom scans of our brains into computers. These are only a few of the fascinating inferences for the future proposed in this video by AsapSCIENCE:


On Flatbush Avenue, tucked amidst the nexus of four iconic Brooklyn neighborhoods (Park Slope, Boerum Hill, Fort Greene, and Prospect Heights), medical cannabis company Citiva opened up their newest location at the turn of the new year. Walking through the shiny glass door, you’re first struck by the sleek tidiness of the front lobby. Both the dispensary's resident pharmacist and receptionist greet visitors as they clear patients (as does any medical dispensary in the country) before allowing them through to the retail room.

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