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What Kinds of Jobs Test for Marijuana?

Cannabis legalization might be sweeping across the nation, but that doesn’t mean your boss will be cool with your toking habits. Courts across the land have upheld an employer’s right to fire someone based on weed use, even in cases where a person has had it prescribed by a doctor. So you might be wondering, what kinds of jobs test for marijuana?

What Kinds of Jobs Test for Marijuana

Simply put, just about any job can test for marijuana. Whether or not they will depends entirely upon their specific drug policy. 

There are a few job types that are more likely to test for weed, such as:

  • Jobs with a high potential for injury
  • Jobs with potential legal liabilities
  • Governmental or federal jobs
  • Positions that involve protecting others

While experienced smokers know that smoking pot – especially after work on their own time – can have little to no negative affect on a person’s performance in positions like these, it isn’t surprising that they are more likely to test. 

So what kinds of jobs don’t test for marijuana? It’s impossible to say with any certainty. Any company can test if the owner of that company chooses to. But there are many jobs that are unlikely to involve drug testing, or at least testing for weed. 

Here are several jobs that are less likely candidates for marijuana testing:

  • Chef
  • Restaurant Manager
  • Accountant
  • IT Consultant
  • Audio Recording Engineer
  • Copywriter
  • Event Planner
  • Computer Programmer
  • Mobile App Developer
  • Web Designer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Film Producer
  • Fashion Designer
  • Interior Decorator
  • Photographer
  • Cosmetologist 
  • Personal Fitness Trainer
  • Journalist
  • Real Estate Agent

These aren’t your typical “stoner” jobs. Each of these offers potential for high earning, and are considered perfectly “respectable” positions (translation: you won’t get eye rolls when you see the extended family over the holidays). 

As legalization becomes increasingly common, we’re likely to see more jobs become cannabis-friendly. In the meantime, make sure you’re either working for company that doesn’t mind your toking, or that you keep it on the down low. 


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