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Here's What It's Like To Run Errands For Stars Like Snoop Dogg In The Studio

Rappers like Snoop Dogg don't have time to run errands while laying down tracks, so they turn to runners hired by the studio to fetch whatever they need - whether that's weed, or food or deodorant. It's a job that comes with a little glitz but not much glamor according to Drew Drucker, a rap producer who once had to pay his dues as a runner for Snoop, The Game and others. And while he was thrilled to rub shoulders with the likes of The Doggfather, he definitely doesn't miss the grief that comes along with running errands for the rap elite.

Things once got tense for Drucker when he offended a room full of legit gangsters by returning from an errand empty handed.

"One time when I was a runner, there was a session with The Game," he told Civilized. "Game was in the backroom and Snoop was in the front room. So I'm going on a run to In-N-Out Burger for the session in the back when Snoop just happens to walk out the door of the front studio right as I was walking down the hall. He goes, 'Where you going, young pimp?' cuz he sees me with the pencil in my hand. And I'm like, 'Oh, I'm goin' to In-N-Out.' And he's like, 'I could use me some in-and-out, if you know what I'm saying.' Like a sex joke, you know."

Then Snoop added to Drucker's order - and his stress level since the extra request increased the likelihood of screwing things up. And clients in the studio can be picky about their food. "Like if someone gets onions on their burger, you gotta go back because they can still taste the onion residue on the cheese. Shit like that," Drucker explained.

So to keep things straight, Drew made two separate runs, leaving The Game's order for last.

Big mistake.

When he got back, Snoop had wandered over to the other studio, which became hostile territory the second Drucker walked in. "I bring this one burger into a room of like 25 Bloods. And Game's like, 'How the fuck you gonna bring one cheeseburger in a room with this many dudes?'" So he dropped off Snoop's food, then doubled-back fast.

But staring down 25 starving G's wasn't even the tensest moment in his runner career.

"There will be weird times where like someone will say, 'Yo, man, you're gonna go this gas station around the corner and meet this guy who's gonna give you this brown paper bag.' And you're like, 'Uh...okay.' And you kinda just do it because you want to be chill. When you're a runner you're just looking to help out and move up the chain, so you're not saying no to much."

So did he look inside the brown bag?

"No, I just kinda...rather not know. It's like the movie 'The Transporter.' Don't open the trunk."


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