What Is The 'Potsquatch' And Where Is It Going?

It began like any other local news report. Meteorologist Jennifer Pagliei of WWLP was giving an on-location report on yesterday's blizzard in Springfield, Massachusetts. Everything was going according to plan - until a giant, sentient nug wandered into the shot.

You probably have a lot of questions. First of all - what the hell??

As The AV Club points out, the creature resembles Potsquatch, the mascot for cannabis-centric garden supply store Potco. Indeed, a quick Youtube search turns up this Potco promo video featuring the 'squatch.

But a small part of me hopes that this is a real, heretofore unseen cryptozoological creature; a greener, danker cousin to the Yeti. Perhaps he's trudging through the snow because he's needed at a snow day sesh two blocks over. Or maybe he's just going to pick up some snacks.

Either way, keep your eyes peeled this winter. You never know if the Potsquatch will visit your town next.


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