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What Is a Master Marijuana Grower?

Whether you've been consuming cannabis for decades or you've just begun learning about the herb, you should know how crucial master growers are to the marijuana industry. It's true that cannabis is such a hearty plant that it grows as easily other weeds under the right circumstances, but it takes much knowledge and skill to produce the picture-perfect marijuana flowers we're accustomed to finding in dispensaries. We have master growers to thank for the wide variety and high quality of marijuana flowers available today.

Master cannabis growers have the education and experience necessary to successfully cultivate (and sometimes breed) large, resinous flowers that have few (if any) seeds. They know how to control every aspect of cannabis' life cycle, and they are knowledgeable about the best ways to deliver water, light, and nutrients according to the preferences of different cannabis strains. Today's master growers must also know how to operate both indoor and outdoor operations, set up different growing methods (hydroponic vs. soil), tell the difference between male and female specimens, and take clones from “mother” plants. They should also be able to expect and prepare for common problems (pests, mold, etc.) that plague cannabis plants.

Before the recent wave of cannabis legalization across North America, master growers had to learn how to raise and harvest marijuana plants in secret, with many perfecting their craft illegally for decades. These days, master growers often hold a Bachelor’s Degree in botany or horticulture and have some experience in the agriculture industry before entering the cannabis industry. There are also several master grower certification programs available, but since there they aren't standardized by the industry at this time, all we can say is they may be helpful, but they are by no means necessary.

It's important to recognize the fact that without master growers, the marijuana industry in North America wouldn't be enjoying the roaring success that it is today, so we should celebrate their talents and efforts. Now when a friend or loved ones ask “what is a master grower?” you'll be able to answer with confidence.


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