What Is a Marijuana Edibles Chef?

As the cannabis industry expands across North America, you might be wondering what, exactly, is a marijuana edibles chef? Simply put, a marijuana edibles chef is a person who (legally) creates cannabis-infused food and drink products to be sold at dispensaries for medical or recreational consumption. While many people think that making cannabis-infused foods is as easy as baking your favorite dessert with cannabutter, marijuana edibles chefs are now doing much more than that.

Even though there are no strict qualifications that someone needs to pursue a career making cannabis-infused products at this time, marijuana edibles chefs almost always have years of kitchen experience or a formal education in the culinary arts. They also have to be knowledgeable about state and local legislation that regulates the processing of medical and recreational edible products, licensing requirements, and packaging rules. For example, some states require that people working as marijuana edibles chefs get an official manufacturer license before stocking their goods at dispensaries for sale.

Marijuana edibles chefs must also have the skills necessary for creating cannabis-infused products that are delicious, don't taste of plant matter, and made into uniform servings that deliver the effects the packaging claims. In addition to working with marijuana-infused butter and oil, edibles chefs must be able to work with other cannabis concentrates, and they often have to be able to do this without test-tasting their creations since most states don't allow them to sample their products before packaging.

People who are passionate about cooking and cannabis find the position of an edibles chef to be a rewarding way to use their creativity and talents for making classic treats and innovative recipes that incorporate marijuana. As one of the cannabis industry's more well-paid positions, a marijuana cannabis chef can expect to make anywhere from entry-level wages of $25,000-$40,000 in most small-scale operations (depending on your local living standards) or more than $100,000 as a sous or head edibles chef in a larger facility. However, if you plan on going into business for yourself make sure you can meet all state and local manufacturer licensing requirements (criminal records are highly scrutinized) and you have access to a commercial kitchen.


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