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What Is Ghee and What Makes It Healthier than Butter?

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Everyone’s heard of butter, but many people aren’t as familiar with the cooking staple’s close relative: ghee. And that’s a shame because ghee is not only healthier, it’s a more versatile ingredient than butter.

Ghee is essentially butter that has been clarified, which means that it’s been turned into a concentrate through a simmering process that removes the milk solids so that only the pure fats remain. But don’t be alarmed by that f-word. Ghee contains healthy fats that, when consumed in moderation, can provide your body with substantial amounts of essential nutrients that you won’t find in butter.

Those nutrients include Omega-3 fatty acid, which can lower your body’s levels of the “bad cholesterol” known as LDL. Ghee also contains medium-chain fatty acids, which boost your energy, not your weight. That makes it especially handy for athletes as well as anyone looking for a bit more energy to tackle a challenging day.

You can use ghee to give your immune system a boost because it contains significant doses of nutrients like Vitamin D and Vitamin E. It also has plenty of Vitamin A, which is extremely helpful in keeping your eyes healthy as it reduces the risk of developing harmful conditions like cataracts.

On top of those vitamins, ghee contains a compound called butyric acid, which researchers say can reduce inflammation, particularly in the gastrointestinal tract. Butyric acid has also been linked to the production of T-cells, which are an integral part of the body’s immune system.

Because ghee is free of milk, people who are lactose intolerant or suffer from other dairy-related allergies can also enjoy the taste of ghee without worrying about the negative effects that they experience with regular butter.

Ghee was originally produced in India but has gained widespread popularity throughout much of Asia. Now it’s finally gaining mainstream attention in North America thanks to companies like MagicalButter, which recently released a new line of ghee for health-conscious consumers.

You can enjoy the MagicalButter ghee right out of the jar as a snack, a baking ingredient or a cooking fat that won’t leave you hacking since it has a much higher smoke point than regular butter.

You can also infuse herbs into it at home using the MagicalButter MB2e machine, which works best with ghee. The MB2e is a countertop appliance that extracts botanical essences from herbs and adds them to the ghee safely and conveniently. There are a number of herbs that can be used to treat physical ailments like inflammation. Sage, for example, is an anti-inflammatory that can be added to ghee to further strengthen its health benefits.

Of course, another popular option is cannabis, which has no shortage of medicinal uses. And anyone who makes their own cannabis edibles should definitely look into the MB2e, which is fully automated, so it makes the process less time-consuming by taking care of the infusion as well as the clean up for you. And the DIY approach lets you set the ghee’s dose of THC and CBD to suit your preferences or medical needs. With the push of a button, the MB2e will grind, heat, stir and steep herbal extracts at the precise time intervals needed to produce premium infusions consistently.

Once finished, the infused ghee can be stored—without refrigeration—on the shelf for weeks or even years without going bad because it doesn’t contain any milk solids. So casual cannabis consumers don’t have to worry about wasting a batch of infused ghee.

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