What Is Cannabis Curing?

Whether you're growing marijuana for yourself or you're a cannabis enthusiast on the lookout for the best buds in town, knowing a bit about the curing process is essential to telling high-quality flowers from a crop that's just been harvested. The cannabis curing process is difficult, time-consuming, and hard to master, but it's this extra effort that transforms a marijuana harvest into the picture-perfect specimens we've come to love.

It's true that curing cannabis isn't essential, as drying your cannabis flowers is enough to produce a smokable product. Most commercial marijuana growers don't put the time and effort into curing their crops because they are trying to fill orders quickly and make a profit, but if you're growing for yourself, you should seriously consider the benefits of cannabis curing.

The cannabis curing process takes place after the flowers have been properly dry, and it does two main things that help improve the taste, potency, and overall quality of the buds:

1. It gives bacteria in the plant matter time to break down chlorophyll (the component responsible for photosynthesis) and the magnesium it contains. This magnesium is one of the reasons that cannabis smoke tastes harsh, so the curing process improves the quality of your smoking experience.

2. It lets you control the moisture level of the flowers as well as how quickly they remove water. Cannabis that has been dried still retains moisture in the densest parts of the flowers and the curing process draws that water out slowly and evenly so that you don't lose all the moisture at once (like you would if you dried them in the oven or a microwave).

Unfortunately, simply knowing what cannabis curing is is only the beginning. The cannabis curing process is a mix of art and science, and there are many techniques that marijuana growers use to produce the best flowers possible. Even expert cannabis growers understand that the curing process is not a set practice and it is still transforming through experimentation and innovation. Their advice to novice curators is that to be successful at curing your own cannabis crop, you must be patient, take pride in it, and enjoy yourself in the process.


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