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What Is Acapulco Gold?

One of the most legendary strains in cannabis culture is Acapulco Gold, a sativa-dominant landrace native to the Guerrero Mountains and the areas surrounding Acapulco, Mexico. Also called “Mexican Sativa,” Acapulco Gold came north of the United States' southern border in the early 1960s and has been sought after for its excellent taste and potent effects by cannabis lovers across the country (and throughout the world) ever since.

The 1965 edition of the Oxford English Dictionary defined Acapulco Gold as “a special grade of cannabis,” and since then it has been a symbolic reference to high-grade cannabis, even being saluted by famous comedy duo (and legalization activists) Cheech & Chong on several occasions. The flowers have a sweet, earthy aroma that has notes of citrus and candy, and the firm, dense flowers are a striking mix of green and golden-brown colors. The covering of bright yellow, orange, and red hairs and shining trichomes make the buds look like chunky gold nuggets.

Acapulco Gold has the reputation as being one of the strongest strains one can encounter, and it's because this strain consistently tests between 15-23% Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). It is known to induce fast-acting cerebral effects that uplift one's mood and reduces stress, anxiety, and depression. Acapulco Gold also has powerful analgesic properties that relax muscles and relieves chronic body pain, as well as the ability to increase one's appetite. Since it's not a strong sedative, its a good choice for daytime use. Traditionally grown outdoors, Acapulco Gold has a long growing season (typically flowering after 70-75 days and yielding between 400-500 grams per square meter of a plant ) as it's accustomed to the climate of central America. In fact, some growers believe that growing this strain indoors or outside of its native environment diminishes the plant's potency and distinctive color and that it's becoming harder to find “true” Acapulco Gold.

However, Acapulco Gold's stable genetics make it highly desirable to recreational growers and breeders the world over. The next time you're in a dispensary, keep an eye out for some dusty gold buds of Acapulco Gold or one of its descendants, like Skunk #1 and the many varieties of Blueberry; you're sure to be impressed.


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