What Each State Hates the Most

When trying to find a significant other, people seek someone who is compatible with them. Maybe it means the couple has similar hobbies or they like to watch the same TV shows. But one thing that most people don’t realize is one important measure of compatibility is hatred.

Hater is an app designed to connect single people based on what they hate rather than what they like. If both people hate John Mayer, then they won't subject the other to a horrible concert-going experience. That's actually not a bad way to match people.

With all of their users sharing what they dislike the most, Hater decided to release their data on what users in each state said they hate the most.

Some of them are a bit…unusual. Take a look:what your state hates the mostSome of these make a lot of sense. Being a vegetarian is basically the eighth Deadly Sin in Alabama. And can you blame native New Yorkers for hating the tourist trap that is Times Square?

But some of these are…really bizarre. Why does Kansas hate Seinfeld so much? And how can people in New Mexico hate polo shirts? What are you supposed to wear to a barbecue, your AC/DC 1983 US Tour t-shirt? And are people in South Carolina so pro-Patriot Act that they have nothing more angering in their lives than Edward Snowden? Also, Rhode Island isn’t really doing much to help the idea of the “coastal elites” when it’s most hated thing is “Middle America.”

Also remind me not to go to Indiana. It seems they are violently opposed to how I make my living.


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