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What Do Dispensaries Look For on a Budtender Resume?

If you're thinking about finding a job in the cannabis industry, you may be wondering what dispensaries look for on a budtender résumé. As the main point of contact for customers in cannabis dispensaries, budtenders advise customers about the available products, and the position is often rewarding because of this. Budtending jobs are also some of the most sought after entry-level positions in the marijuana industry, so you need to know how to make your résumé stand out in such a competitive market.

The best way to get the budtending position you want is to make sure that your résumé presents your knowledge, experience, and skill set in a way that shows you have what it takes to be a great budtender. Here we talk about a few things that hiring managers at medical and marijuana dispensaries look for on budtender résumés: 

1. Customer service experience.

Since customer service is the primary function of budtender jobs, including any relevant experience (like bartending or serving food in a restaurant) on your résumé shows potential employers you know how to treat people visiting a business.

2. A passion for cannabis.

Touch on ways you participate in the cannabis community or other roles you've held in the marijuana industry (like growing the herb in a co-op) on your résumé to show your genuine interest in becoming a budtender.

3. Skills that relate to the retail industry. 

Even if you have minimal experience dealing with customers, skills that are useful in the retail industry are always something that dispensaries look for in budtending hires. Listing any experience of training employees, marketing, conducting merchandise inventory, or handling cash will help.

4. Knowledge about the products.

Either mention how long you've been a medical marijuana patient or find a creative way to showcase what you know about some of the products at the dispensary you're sending a résumé to.

5. Formal certification isn't a necessity.

Most dispensaries only require a high school diploma to work in budtending roles, but there is currently no national or standard certification system for budtenders. However, if you have proof of obtaining some kind of budtending certificate be sure to mention it on your résumé. 


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