'Killing The Joy Of Movies': What Critics Said About This Year's Razzie Nominees

Awards season is rolling on and on, and one of the most important batch of nominees has finally hit our screens. The nominees for the Golden Raspberry Awards were announced today (the day before the Oscar nominees, as per tradition), and it's a who's-who of what sucked. Below, we've picked out the most withering reviews for this year's Worst Picture nominees. Plug your nose and check them out.

'Baywatch' - Reviewed by Steve Rose at The Guardian


'The Emoji Movie' - Reviewed by Lindsey Bahr at Associated Press


'Fifty Shades Darker' - Reviewed by Yvette Caster at Metro


'The Mummy' - Reviewed by David Ehrlich at IndieWire


'Transformers: The Last Knight' - Reviewed by Peter Travers at Rolling Stone


Read the rest of the nominees here.


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