What Are the Requirements to Become a Budtender?

If you've ever wondered about the requirements to become a budtender, you're not alone, as budtending positions are new jobs created by the emerging cannabis industry. Budtenders are who helps customers choose retail (or medicinal) cannabis products at licensed dispensaries. To help you understand what dispensaries look for in potential budtender hires, here we talk about what the requirements are to be a budtender. 

1. A passion for marijuana products and cannabis culture.

It's important for budtenders to be enthusiastic about the products they sell.

2. Extensive knowledge about cannabis flowers, extracts, and other products.

One of the main requirements to become a budtender is a thorough knowledge of the marijuana products sold at the dispensary. This includes knowing how and where the cannabis is grown and processed as well as their physical descriptions, genealogy, and effects on one's body and mind. A vast experience in consuming cannabis will be a strong plus.

3. Customer service skills.

Budtenders are the people who patients and customers spend most of their time with while in a cannabis dispensary, so knowing how to interact with them in a friendly way and with a great attitude is a requirement if you want to become a budtender.

4. Maintain your physical appearance.

While every dispensary will have its own dress code (including rules about piercings, hair styles, and showing off tattoos), it's generally a requirement for budtenders to maintain a clean, professional appearance.

5. Good organizational skills.

The best budtenders are highly organized, as they have to keep up with an ever-changing cannabis menu and selection of products. A strong work ethic is also required, as budtenders spend all of their time out with customers, serving as the face of the dispensary.

6. A clean criminal record.

Budtenders must be trustworthy and reliable, so most cannabis dispensaries require that their budtenders have no history of arrests. 

7. Education and training.

The education requirement for budtenders is usually just a high school diploma, as there isn't a national standard for budtending certification yet. While there are a number of existing budtender training programs that offer a comprehensive curriculum for prospective budtenders, there isn't a verifiable consistency between them, and you may not get all the information you need to be a successful budtender.


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