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Here's the Difference in the Cost of Marijuana on the West Coast vs. the East Coast

When it comes to the West Coast-East Coast rivalry, there are a number of issues discussed. Food, sports teams, general quality of people, and music. But who wins the debate when it comes to the price of marijuana?

Priceonomics recently investigated whether people on the West Coast or East Coast pay more for their marijuana. Now it should be noted that currently zero states on the East Coast allow recreational marijuana sales, except for Massachusetts but they haven't given out a single recreational dispensary license yet. So the West Coast definitely has the advantage in regards to recreational sales. But do they have the advantage on price as well?

Yes, they do. For an eighth of cannabis, East Coasters are paying about 22.5 percent more than people on the West Coast.

east coast vs west coast marijuana price 1

This price difference is seen all the way from just a gram of marijuana up to an ounce. East Coasters are definitely paying more:

east coast vs west coast marijuana price 2

It's really not too surprising that the West Coast pays less. As we said, there are no East Coast states with legalized recreational cannabis sales, which also means they have no legalized recreational growers either. So the West Coast simply has more people growing marijuana, and when you have a greater supply, you'll also have lower prices. In fact, Oregon and Washington are producing too much cannabis, and people are worried that the prices are getting too low for some businesses to stay profitable.

So for now, the West Coast is the place to go for cannabis. But perhaps if the East Coast jumps on the legalization bandwagon soon, that could all change.

(h/t Priceonomics)


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