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Welsh Police Just Found a Whole Lot of Weed in an Abandoned Fridge

If you forgot to take your weed out of an abandoned fridge in a back alley, the Welsh police are looking for you.

We know that storing your cannabis is the best way to make sure you maintain its potency over a long period of time, but most people don't try to grow marijuana in their refrigerators. So you can imagine the surprise of Welsh police when  they discovered a full grown cannabis plant inside of an abandoned fridge earlier this week.

The fridge was discovered by Welsh police in a Claerwen, Gelligaer alleyway and was stuffed with a few hundred pounds sterling worth of illicit cannabis. Police said that "detectives are knocking on doors" and conducting "forensic tests on the icebox-turned-stashbox" to see if they can find the origin of the marijuana. Their investigation seems to be hitting a few snags however, as police have also turned to social media to see if locals know anything about it.

Recreational cannabis continues to be illegal in the UK, so anyone associated with this particular stash is liable to get slapped with a pretty hefty fine if police track them down.


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