Watch: The 'Wellness Soldier' Flips Some Cannabis Pancakes

Chef Cody Lindsay - a.k.a. the 'Wellness Soldier' - is helping medical marijuana patients think beyond the pot brownie when it comes to making medicated edibles. Brownies, cookies and other THC-infused treats can help patients now and then. But for for those who have to take doses repeatedly throughout the day, gobbling up sweets can cause other health problems.

"If you're taking cannabis oil as a medicine six, seven, eight times a day, a cookie or a brownie isn't going to help," Lindsay told the CBC while offering a cooking demonstration to patients earlier this month in Toronto. Spectators were treated to a tutorial on making pancakes, pesto sauce and salad - all infused with marijuana extracts.

Lindsay can attest to the effectiveness of his concoctions as a chef as well as a medical marijuana patient. The 32-year-old veteran was diagnosed with Occupational Stress Injury after serving overseas with the Canadian Forces in Afghanistan.

But he can't sell anything he makes. Canada's medical marijuana laws allow patients to cook with cannabis, but they're not allowed to sell their culinary creations. He can, however, teach patients how to make healthy meals using products purchased from licensed producers such as Tilray, who supplied the extracts used in Lindsay's cooking demonstration.

And he can sell his cookbook - Cooking with Cannabis - to help patients make their own edibles. His recipes include mashed potatoes, risotto, BBQ sauce and more.

"It's just a healthier and more discreet way to take your cannabis," he told CBC. Interested in how to make a pot pesto? Check out his demonstration below.

Photo Submitted / Kaleena Lindsay Photography


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