Welcome to Diego Pellicer, Denver's Premium Dispensary

With so many dispensaries out there in legal states like Colorado, it can be difficult to differentiate one from another. But that's not the case with Denver's Diego Pellicer, a premium cannabis store and medical marijuana dispensary. With beautiful decor and helpful staff who answer questions and help educate customers, Diego Pellicer offers a pleasant retail experience as the kind of place you'd feel comfortable bringing your mother, or even grandmother, to come shop. For those first timers in the shop, it's suggested you try a bit of everything to get the lay of the land. 


With reports of declining insect populations worldwide, or what George Monbiot calls an “insectageddon,” there is growing concern about the health of pollinators. This in turn has led to increasing interest in urban beekeeping, pollinator gardening and urban bee advocacy. Yet there is also a growing backlash against urban honey bees.

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