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The 8 Weirdest Weed Products You Can Buy On

The American cannabis industry was worth some $53 billion last year, and it isn’t even legal everywhere. Understandably, aspiring entrepreneurs want a piece of this dank, lucrative pie. But how do you make money off marijuana when the substance is still federally illegal?

A trawl through provides the answer. You may not be able to touch the plant - but you can certainly slap it onto whatever product you’re otherwise selling. Here are just a few of the oddest marijuana-related products currently for sale. 

Weed Dice


Is regular Yahtzee too 'square'? Are you preparing for a Dungeons & Dragons campaign that takes place at a Sublime concert? Then you're going to want to snap these up pronto.

This Sticker

sticker this a real drink? If you give a secret password at Starbucks, will you be able to procure a "Cafe-Mocha Vodka-Marijuana Latte" from your barista?? Isn't that just what the Unicorn Latte was? If you have any insight, please let us know. I'm up for trying one before our next editorial meeting. 

Matching 'Best Buds' T-Shirts

best buds

Forget jewelry, flowers, or that trip you've always wanted to take. These 'Best Buds' t-shirts are the perfect anniversary gifts. You'll be sure to turn heads (and possibly get kicked out of Disneyland).

'Joints' For Cats

cat joints

This is far from the only product to seize upon the similarities between catnip and marijuana - case in point, this bag of Grand Daddy Purr Meowijuana - but we have to applaud the this company for taking the logical next step of rolling it into little cat-sized joints. Are catnip vapes far behind?

This iPhone Case


"I need a phone case that says 'I love Disney as much as I love weed, and also I have NO TIME for your BS.'."
"...I think I've got just the thing."

'My Kush' Throw Pillowcase

kush pillow case

For everyone who's looked at their boring ol' throw pillows and thought, "wouldn't it be swell if this looked like a giant bag of weed?" Also: who labels their stash 'MY KUSH'?

Marijuana Decals For Kitchen Mixers

mixer stickers

"Thanks for the cool pot stickers! I'll put these on my laptop."
"Oh...well, I guess I could put them in my window or someth-"
"If I see these on ANYTHING except your kitchen mixer, I'm calling the police."

Fidget Spinner Skins

fidget spinner skin

Sure, you could just buy a fidget spinner with a weed pattern already on it. But REAL fidget-heads can get after-market modifications featuring that leaf we all know and love.

That's it for our tour through the depths of What's the strangest pot-branded item you've ever come across? 


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