6 Weirdest Marijuana Edibles Recipes on the Internet

There are plenty of awesome cannabis edibles recipes on the internet. You can make brownies or cookies or even pastas or other dishes. And since making edibles isn’t really that hard, there are recipes to add cannabis to just about any food dish you can imagine. Even some weird ones.

Here are six of the weirdest marijuana edibles recipes out there:

1. CannaMayo

Usually when you think of edibles, you think of a nice chocolate brownie or something like that. Not a spoonful of mayo. It’s pretty simple to make, just use any homemade mayo recipe and use cannabis oil instead of regular oil. It just doesn’t seem like the most delicious way to consume your cannabis.

2. Marijuana Potato Salad

Have you ever eaten a potato salad and thought, “Man, if only this were getting me high right now!” Also how much potato salad would you have to eat to start feeling high? Potato salad isn’t necessarily a food many people want to gorge on. But this is pretty simple to make. Just use a normal potato salad recipe and substitute CannaMayo for regular mayo.

3. Cannabis Ranch Dressing

Admittedly, I’m not a fan of ranch dressing so I’m biased on this one. It just seems weird that you get a nice salad and then dump ranch dressing on it. And people who dip their pizza in ranch dressing? Don’t get me started. Now those weirdos can also get high on their weird fascination from ranch. And once again you just use a regular ranch dressing recipe and put CannaMayo in it.

4. Cannabis Tartar Sauce

Talk about a niche cannabis condiment. No one eats tartar sauce with anything other than fish. And even then I don’t think a lot of people love tartar sauce. But if you want to spice up your fish and chips, go right ahead. You can use CannaMayo in this one as well, or you could use regular mayo in your tartar sauce and simply add cannabis oil.

5. Cheetos Fried Chicken

Technically, you don’t need to use any cannabis to make Cheetos Fried Chicken. You just use Cheetos to put a crust on your chicken and then fry it in normal oil. But if you’re making Cheetos Fried Chicken, we’re guessing you’re probably a fan of cannabis, so you might as well just fry it in cannabis oil and go all out.

6. Marijuana Lobster Rolls

Usually when I eat a lobster roll, all I’m thinking is, “Man, I love eating lobster! I wish it wasn’t so damn expensive!” I’ve never thought, “Man, if only this lobster was getting me high!” Lobster is already luxury, do you really need to add cannabis to the experience? Also this is another recipe that simply requires adding CannaMayo.


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