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6 Weirdest Arguments Made Against Legalizing Marijuana

Arguments against legalizing marijuana range from ill-informed to old-fashioned. But sometimes an argument against marijuana will come up that goes straight into the territory of “crazy.”

Here are six of the weirdest arguments made against legalizing marijuana.

1. People Don’t Use it at Weddings

Outgoing Wisconsin Republican Governor Scott Walker once made an argument saying that marijuana is worse than beer because people don’t use it at weddings. “If I’m at a wedding reception here and somebody has a drink or two, most people wouldn’t say they’re wasted,” Walker said. “Most folks with marijuana wouldn’t be sitting around a wedding reception smoking marijuana.” He’s basically arguing that since marijuana is less socially acceptable as marijuana, it most be more dangerous. Although this is a pretty stupid argument since MARIJUANA IS ILLEGAL. Of course people aren’t pulling it out at weddings.

2. The War on Drugs is Cheaper

You know that expensive War on Drugs that no one likes and has ruined countless lives? Did you know it’s actually cheaper than legalizing marijuana? The argument goes that the revenue generated by marijuana taxes is less than the costs, such as healthcare and emergency room visits, that would come with it. These people often point to alcohol, which only generates around $10 billion of revenue yet costs $185 billion in healthcare costs per year.

So, because alcohol costs society more than it’s worth, we should ban marijuana?

And there’s also no evidence that this is true in regards to cannabis.

3. Alcohol is Already Bad

Many pro-marijuana proponents argue that marijuana is safer than alcohol and has less harmful effects, and since alcohol is legal, so should cannabis. In response to this argument, former drug czar John Walters responded, "It's ludicrous to say we have a great deal of problems from the use of alcohol so we should multiply that with marijuana.” So essentially he’s saying, yeah alcohol being legal is really bad, so we should ban everything else. Essentially this argument is just anti-marijuana folks admitting they’re hypocrites.

4. There’s a Reason It Was Made Illegal in the First Place

This is actually a common argument. “We made marijuana illegal, so it must be bad.” It was made illegal thanks to false propaganda portraying marijuana as something that would make people becoming violent, crazy people, and then we made classified marijuana as being just as dangerous as heroin. Just because we irrationally made something illegal doesn’t mean we have to continue irrationally keep it that way.

5. Marijuana Will Turn People into Killers

This argument is thanks to Nancy Grace, who once said marijuana users “shoot each other, stab each other, strangle each other” and “kill whole families.” That’s why Colorado has basically become the setting of the Mad Max movies since legalization?

6. Smoking is Bad For You

Some anti-marijuana proponents will say, “Smoking anything is bad for you,” and point to the 500,000 Americans who die every year from cigarettes. That’s a great reason to make cigarettes illegal, but unfortunately study after study shows smoking marijuana is nowhere near as dangerous as smoking cigarettes. Plus these people never seem to follow up the smoking is bad with, “So legalizing edibles is totally ok.”


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