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Weird Al Yankovic Talks ‘Horrible’ Parody Songs Misattributed to Him Online

It turns out those profane parody songs you downloaded on Limewire in the early aughts weren’t by ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic after all.

 The Grammy-winning singer/songwriter set the record straight on misattributed song parodies while eating spicy vegan wings on Hot Ones. He said that sometimes he finds parody songs online that make him feel proud of his influence on the genre, while others...not so much.

It was especially bothersome, he said, when the worst of them would pop-up on old file-sharing websites with his name on them.

“I became sort of like the brand name…I was the 'Xerox' of parody music,” he said. “People just assumed, ‘Oh, if it’s a parody, it’s Al.”

“Some of that is around today. People go, ‘I remember Al in the 90s was doing these horrible, racist, profane songs.’ But no, that was not me!”

Weird Al also talked about getting approval from Kurt Cobain for “Smells like Nirvana” and getting inducted into the Mustache Hall of Fame. Watch the full video below.


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