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Weedmaps Teases Connecticut Residents with Cannabis Billboard Ad

As the old saying goes, the grass is always greener on the other side.

That’s the message Weedmaps wants to convey with its cheeky new billboard (shown below) on Interstate 91. The billboard, located in the New Haven area, reminds drivers that ‘Weed Is Legal In 60 Miles’ - that is, in Massachusetts, where adult recreational cannabis sales began last November.
The New Haven Register notes that this isn’t the first time Weedmaps has tried this tactic. In 2017, they put up billboards in Arizona (where cannabis is only legal for medical purposes) touting statistics about marijuana legalization in Colorado and Washington.
For their part, Connecticut police are warning residents not to go on any Massachusetts shopping sprees. Connecticut State Police Department spokesperson Trooper Josue J. Dorelus said in a statement that officers are "aware of the changes in laws taking place in surrounding states so that we may better anticipate how these changes may affect our own state.”
Hopefully, with recent news of Connecticut moving toward legalization, the Nutmeg State will soon be able to get marijuana without going too far from home.

Banner Image: @NE_CANN on Twitter


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