Weed Told Bill Maher Who Would Be the Best Presidential Candidate for the 2020 Election

Some try to predict the future by reading tea leaves, but Bill Maher turned to a different type of leaf to figure out who would be the ultimate candidate for the 2020 election. The 'Real Time' host recently revealed that the ideal candidate dawned on him one night when he was having a puff of weed and wondering who had the best chance to defeat Donald Trump in 2020.

Like many pundits, Maher has obsessed over this question ever since Trump's surprise win over Hilary Clinton in 2016. But instead of consulting polls and pundits, he settled the matter by mulling over the situation with Mary Jane.  

"One night, when I was self-medicating, a name appeared in the vapor above me. The only person who is a sure thing...is Oprah Winfrey," Maher said last Friday. 

Only problem is, Oprah isn't actually running to replace Trump in 2020. But that minor detail hasn't stopped Maher from trying to get her onboard with a presidential bid. Check out his pitch to Oprah in the clip below.


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