Weed Reads: 5 Top Cannabis Books Of 2015

More of us admit to smoking pot than ever before - but it hasn't always been easy to find in-depth, quality books on the subject.

But our fave herb is no longer a shadowy underground activity. The effects of cannabis, its history, and role in culture are now sparking more widespread, serious study. (Although the law, even now, lags behind in some areas.)

As we near the close of 2015 - one of the biggest years ever for the cannabis industry - here are five green reads to challenge your perceptions and expand your mind.

1. The Cannabis Manifesto

by Steve DeAngelo

Part biography, part call-to-arms, part reflection from the front lines of reform, the manifesto presents a fairly radical idea: that there's no such thing as recreational cannabis use. Instead, DeAngelo, owner of America's largest medical dispensary, argues everybody deserves and needs cannabis in their life. Intriguing. An essential primer to key questions about the plant, science and law, and biological/mental/spiritual effects. Great reading for those dreaming of what a more realistic national policy might look like. Starts at $11.85 on Amazon.

2. Herb: Mastering the Art of Cooking with Cannabis

by Melissa Parks and Laurie Wolf

Seasoned cannabis chefs Melissa Parks and Laurie Wolf assemble 200 glossy pages of gorgeous recipes to complement/mask the distinctive taste of cannabis, depending on your preference. No fancy equipment needed - just follow tips from the pros on how to make potent cannabutter, then proceed to get baking/very baked. Perfect for anyone who digs either food or weed porn. Includes dosing info and a run-down of popular strains. Starts at $16.55 on Amazon.

3. Green: A Field Guide to Marijuana

by Dan Michaels, photographed by Erik Christiansen

Eye-popping, hyper-detailed art photography accompanies this guide to the unique properties of 170 popular strains. A whole section entitled "Buds" gives the run-down on lineage, flavour, and mental/physical buzz. Poised to become the go-to guide for medical and recreational users alike. Starts at $21.15 on Amazon.

4. Weed the People: The Future of Legal Marijuana in America

by Bruce Barcott

America's looking at some serious cultural, social and financial adjustments as the War on Drugs winds down, and it re-evaluates its national position on marijuana. It's time to step into the future, and Weed the People takes you there, from the trivial to the profound. Addresses new and uncharted etiquette questions, including whether one's expected to offer a neighbourly toke, and if it's cool to bring cannabis to a Super Bowl party. Plus: how parents should talk to kids about marijuana, and what adult experimentation means for the tykes. Starts at $9.93 on Amazon.

5. Million Dollar Brownies: How to Bake Up Profits in Your (Legal) Marijuana Business

by Megan Deal

Specifically for folks looking to break into the infused-products industry, this cleverly-titled tome takes you through Industry trends, data, and specific strategies for creating a profitable business in baked goods, candies, and other foods. Startup checklists, industry resources, marketing scripts, and recipes: basically, everything you need to succeed. Get in on the ground floor and start cooking with gas. Sweeeeeet. Starts at $8.99 on Amazon.


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