One of the unexpected trends in the marijuana industry has been cannabis weddings. People are finding different ways to incorporate the use of the drug into their wedding receptions. But one wedding certainly outdoes the rest.

A couple, Dani Geen and Zak Walton, threw a wedding last August that included an incredible $8,000 worth of marijuana. Geen is a cannabis advocate who helps out with celebrity activist Steve D’Angelo. So she's obviously very well-informed and experienced with marijuana. Meaning it was only logical that they include the drug as part of their wedding. 

While smoking marijuana was obviously part of some of the festivities, the couple used cannabis in a number of ways. Geen and her bridesmaids' flowers included marijuana flowers and buds, as did the groomsmen's boutonnieres. There was an outdoor dab bar, an edibles bar and goodie bags filled with cannabis-related items. There were obviously non-marijuana items available for guests, such as alcohol and non-edible treats. 

And the best part is apparently all of the cannabis used during the festivities was donated. So that $8,000 didn't come out of the couple's pocket!

(h/t Forbes)