Here Are 3 Alternatives To The Wasteful, Eco-Unfriendly Modern Burial

It's time to put the modern burial to rest, according to Mark Harris -- author of 'Grave Matters: A Journey through the Modern Funeral Industry to a Natural Way of Burial.' Harris says that interring bodies in cemeteries and cremating loved ones are both wasteful and eco-unfriendly ways to dispose of our remains.

"Every year we divert enough concrete to the production of those burial vaults to lay a two-lane highway halfway across the country," Harris told Vox recently. "And every year we divert enough metal for those metal caskets to completely rebuild the Golden Gate Bridge. The average 10-acre cemetery contains enough coffin wood to construct more than 40 homes, and contains enough toxic formalin, which is the main compound of embalming fluids, to fill a backyard swimming pool."

Cremation wastes fewer resources needed for infrastructure, but it's not much better for the environment. Although the process uses fewer toxic chemicals than embalming, incinerating bodies consumes a huge amount of gas and electricity and releases pollutants into the atmosphere. 

So the modern burial is basically killing the planet. But there are three alternatives that are more efficient and eco-friendly. Check them out in the video above.


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