'We Love Our Jobs, Just Pay Us Right,' The Trials Of Underpaid Disneyland Employees

It may be the "happiest place on earth," but outside of its walls, Disneyland's employees are struggling.

In a recent video produced by the New York Times, several Disneyland employees relate the difficulties they face trying to make ends meet in the Anaheim neighborhood surrounding the park.

Employees describe being "food insecure," and not being able to afford their rent. Recently, some of these workers have been pushing for a mandate that would oblige the company pay its staff a living wage.

It’s pretty hard to swallow the idea that Disney cannot afford to pay their employees better, considering they’re constantly ranked as the most profitable studio in Hollywood, and are currently in the midst of a $52.4 billion dollar acquisition of 20th Century Fox.  

Watch these employees discuss their financial troubles below:


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