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We Found The Most Messed Up Stock Photo Ever

Anyone who's ever surfed the net knows that stock photos are notorious for being bland, heavy-handed or downright cheesy in getting their message across. For instance...

GettyImages 560112885

Side note: why aren't the models making eye contact? Who looks away while giving a high-five?

Boring is pretty much the industry standard for most stock photos, but then there are some pics that obliterate your faith in the human race. Images that are so messed up, you have to wonder what sort of maniac would ever look at it and say, 'Finally, somebody did the photo shoot I've been waiting for!"

When it comes to bizarre pics, there's none stranger than the one we dug up yesterday while searching for "cheat sheet" — as in a piece of paper with some handy tips on it. That's what we were looking for. But what we got was a couple of toys engaging in flagrant bestiality. To be more specific, a wooden figure getting frisky with what appears to be a pig.

GettyImages 508340882

That sound you hear? It's the inconsolable wails of the poor guy who whittled the pig that's been turned into a an inanimate porn star. This shot looks like someone took a couple marionettes and made them reenact that scene from Stanley Kubrick's 'The Shining.' You know, THAT scene. 

So forget about the Dark Web. The web's greatest horrors are all available for download through stock photo providers. 


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