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'We Don't Have The Resources To Police Marijuana Dispensaries,' Sessions Allegedly Admits To Colorado Governor

Attorney General Jeff Sessions wants to raid every marijuana dispensary in every state that has legalized cannabis for medicinal or recreational use, but he knows that he doesn't have the resources, according to Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper.

"I've talked to Attorney General Sessions a couple times, and he is very clear. He's saying that more Americans enjoying any kind of drug makes the country weaker, not stronger. He's very clear on that," Governor Hickenlooper recently told Rolling Stone. "Attorney General Sessions said, 'I think it makes the country weaker, not stronger,' and then [he] said, 'But we don't have the resources to police marijuana dispensaries, and we know that our priority has to be heroin and meth and human trafficking.'"

So instead, Sessions is trying to disrupt cannabis business and halt the push for marijuana reform by threatening a crackdown that he knows cannot be executed.

"He just wants people to be very uncertain about that and unsure about what the next step would be from the federal government, which is sort of what's happening now with trade, right? With the tariff wars," Hickenlooper explained. "But it creates this uncertainty, which is bad for business. That's what Attorney General Sessions wants to do in marijuana. He wants to have that uncertainty, which he hopes will be bad for business. Just make people think twice before they expand their operation or make additional investments."

Hickenlooper added that Sessions' fears of marijuana are completely unfounded. As governor, he hasn't noticed a spike in high drivers. Nor has he seen an increase in cannabis consumption in general - aside from one demographic.

"The only increase in consumption is among senior citizens, which we think is either Baby Boomers coming home to roost or arthritis and the aches and pains of growing older – people finding that marijuana is better pain solution than opioids or other things."

So it looks like marijuana legalization is only making the market for opioids weaker.


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