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5 Ways to Salvage Bad Marijuana

Sometimes things happen in life and you end up forgetting about some cannabis you bought. And when you finally remember it, you discover it’s either all dried out or moldy. So you’re forced to throw it away, right? Wrong!

Here are five ways you can salvage bad marijuana:

1. Cotton Ball

Let’s say you left some of your stash out too long and forgot about it, and when you finally re-discover it, it’s dry and looks unusable. There are steps you can take to re-hydrate your cannabis. If you lightly dampen a cotton ball and place it in an airtight container with your cannabis, the moisture from the cotton ball should be reabsorbed by the cannabis in a few hours and make it usable again.

2. Orange Peel

Similar to the cotton ball approach, if you have dried out buds, you can also put an orange peel into a container with your cannabis. After a few hours, it will hydrate similar to the cotton ball method. The advantage of the this method is often dry cannabis will lose its flavor, but the marijuana will actually also absorb some of the citrus-y flavor from the peel to give it a new taste. There’s actually a number of other foods you can try using this method including an apple, lettuce or white bread, but an orange peel is generally considered the best.

3. Paper Towel

If you don’t have any cotton balls or orange peels around, you can also use a paper towel to re-hydrate your cannabis. You’ll want to put your cannabis in a container, and then put a paper towel on the lid and then place the top on it, making sure the paper isn’t touching the actual buds. It should work the same as the other methods after a few hours.

4. Add More Marijuana

Another way to re-hydrate marijuana is to use more marijuana. Similar to using a cotton ball or an orange peel, you’ll want to put your dry cannabis into a container and then add fresh cannabis that’s still retaining its moisture. Over time, the dry marijuana will absorb the moisture from the fresher cannabis, and eventually you’ll end up with marijuana right in the middle.

5. Water Curing

Unlike the other methods which are meant for saving dried out buds, water curing is meant for cannabis that’s starting to rot, mold or have other possible imperfections that could ruin consumption. Water curing is mostly used to cure cannabis quicker than other methods, but some people say it works for these problems as well. Essentially what you do is you take your cannabis and submerge it in cool water using a glass jar or similar container. This will dissolve the undesirable nutrients and other particles ruining your marijuana. You’ll want to change the water at least once per day when it gets dirty, and after a few days the water should stay clear even after you’ve put the cannabis in for an extended time. And now it should be good to smoke!


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